A firefighter is charged with duties ranging from saving lives to keeping firefighting equipment clean. At a moment's notice, a firefighter must be ready to perform job functions

Junior volunteer firefighters work in thousands of programs across the United States, serving the community and learning about job opportunities of firefighting, emergency operations and medical response teams. 

Fire police are a fire brigade resource and answer to the officer in charge (OIC) of the fire brigade in attendance. However, special fire police officers in Pennsylvania, USA,


Driving a fire truck is one of the most important tasks, an emergency vehicle driver must put aside his or her ego before fastening the seat-belt because for the rest of the journey, both to and from the emergency, she is a professional driver and needs to act accordingly. 


The role of the administrative volunteer is to provide leadership and support for non firefighter operations.  These volunteers provide critical services to manage the administrative functions to maintain a high quality 

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