Driving a fire truck is one of the most important tasks, an emergency vehicle driver must put aside his or her ego before fastening the seat-belt because for the rest of the journey, both to and from the emergency, she is a professional driver and needs to act accordingly. 


Drives the fire engine to the emergency scene. Maneuvers apparatus into position. Connects hose line and operates pump panel to supply water pressure. Determines if additional water supply lines are needed. Obtains lines from other engine companies. Calculates water use and monitors water availability.

Replaces nozzles and master stream tips. Performs tandem hookup procedures at hydrants. Obtains secondary water supplies. Pumps foam. Assists in changing air bottles. Cleans, fills, and replaces air bottles and masks. Ensures that tools are returned to the apparatus. Checks equipment on the apparatus. Makes routine repairs to and maintains apparatus and emergency equipment. Assists mechanics in the repair of apparatus and equipment.

Drives a fire truck and operates the tiller of the vehicle. Works with the driver and tiller operator to maneuver apparatus into its most effective position. Sets up aerial ladders for rescue, ventilation, entry or water operations. Operates a water tower and relays information to pump operator. Sets up rescue equipment.

Works with crews to practice rescue operations. Sets up upper story aerial rescues. Operates and trains to operate other apparatus used by the department. Assists in the training and orientation of new drivers. Participates in in-service training. 

In emergency situations, assists in the saving of lives and property and in extinguishing fires. Participates in company inspections of apartments, mercantile buildings, and other occupancies. Assists in cleaning and maintaining quarters and station grounds.

Examples of Other Duties:
Performs other related duties as required.

(NOTE: The duties and responsibilities lis ted above are for the purpose of determining a common set of minimum qualifications for all positions in this class. They may not include all of the essential job functions of each position in the class. Each position may not be required to perform all of the essential job functions listed.)

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