A firefighter is charged with duties ranging from saving lives to keeping firefighting equipment clean. At a moment's notice, a firefighter must be ready to perform job functions

such as rescuing people or animals from burning or collapsed buildings, fighting fires and providing emergency medical assistance.

firefighters also work with police, providing general assistance at accident and crime scenes. firefighters who aid in controlling and extinguishing forest fires sometimes parachute into areas vehicles can't reach and assist in creating and maintaining fire lines. Other common duties include:

  • Carrying hoses
  • Climbing ladders
  • Hooking hoses up to hydrants
  • Breaking through walls
  • Protecting those in danger due to a fire
  • Ensuring integrity of the property ablaze


firefighters are also responsible for maintaining their jobs skills and equipment when not responding to emergencies. They must engage in practice drills and ongoing training in areas of fire prevention and control, as well as the preservation of life and property. These responsibilities and more are required during time at the station when firemen are not actively engaged in firefighting at a hazardous site.

firefighterare also expected to know and frequently train and rehearse for situations in which they save lives, property and the environment. Cleaning the fire truck, hoses and all other firefighting equipment is also part of a firefighters recurring responsibilities while awaiting emergency calls.

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